Addressing the Writer

I have been thinking about the nature of correspondence, and pondering the value of intentionally writing and framing ‘reply’ blog posts in the second person and first person:

Hi Riley. Your blog post makes me think…

This perspective feels much more like a conversation than a commentary. While there is nothing wrong with commentary, I suspect the usual, detected third person POV will always sound more like an editorial than an exchange. Of course, there is nothing wrong with editorials, either. The question is, do I personally want to be more of a reporter or more of a conversationalist in this space?

James, your post makes me rethink how I interact with other posts on the web. The third person does create a different kind of relationship. We point to writing rather than addressing the writer. This question of identity, whether to be more of a reporter or a conversationalist on the web, is an important one to ask.

Because there are two ends of the spectrum – both of them are echo chambers. One is of the lonely individual and the other is of the insulated community. How can we arrive at a healthy medium?

Perhaps reviewing the terms on which we engage with others is a start.

HT: Thanks Bix for sharing this article on your blog. I hope that you choose to continue your blog on Your writing has helped me think better about the web.