Block Post takes text and puts it into blocks. What immediately comes from this is to think of drafting posts more like construction — putting building blocks of text together to form a structure. A channel becomes a blog post.

But there's more to than this. Behind the noun of blocks is the verb of connection. Blocks can belong to multiple channels. This adds a layer of intrigue to the model of channel as blog post. If a block can belong to many channels, a paragraph can be a part of many blog posts.

Let's test this idea out. If you click on this paragraph, it will lead to a post that uses this paragraph as the leading thought. On, this is a text block that connects this channel with another channel.These connected text blocks could act as footnotes or references in other posts. But they can just as well be another paragraph in a post — this recycling of past writing into other posts excites me. It is thinking not only in the realm of chaining posts together (blogchains) but in chaining paragraphs together, adding wiki-like qualities to publishing on your blog.