Blogging Futures

A learning adventure exploring alternative forms of blogging

This course is a group odyssey around a simple question: how can we expand upon blogging as a medium?

Blogging dead, long live blogging!


All you need is a way to publish a post! A blog works best but you don't need one to enroll. There are many great anonymous publishing platforms out there like,, and Telegraph.


The course is structured like a giant ongoing discussion made through blog posts. Each week there will be a prompt post which will include some questions and resources to riff off of. They can be found in the blogchain towards the bottom.

When writing, simply add a link to this post at the beginning/end so others can join in. You could do something like this:

Part of the Blogging Futures course blogchain. Feel free to join!

Once your post is published, you will want to add it to the blogchain so others can read and participate in the developing conversation. You can add your post to the blogchain through this form:

(If the app is ever down, just respond with a link to your post on this thread and I will make sure to add your post to the chain!)

Once submitted, your post will appear below. You are not limited to a number of posts per week, so feel free to write as much as possible. Since the goal is to have a developing conversation across posts, linking to others in the thread and responding to their thoughts is encouraged.

Happy writing!


10/30 to 11/6 – Prompt 1 - Paradigms

CJ Eller, Community of Gardens

Tom Critchlow, New Blogging 2 – Open Blogchains

Jared, Paradigms for blogging social infrastructure

Brendan Schlagel, Proposal for Near-Future Blogging Megastructures

CJ Eller, Towards an ethos

Azlen Elza, Writing as Distilled Thought

11/6 to 11/13 – Prompt 2 - Infrastructure

Anonymous, An Infrastructure of Paper

CJ Eller, Infrastructure for Infrastructures

Jared, Sociotechnical and technosocial infrastructure

11/13 to ??? – Prompt 3 - Reflection

Chris Aldrich, On Blogging Futures

CJ Eller, Tinkering

Chris Aldrich, Thoughts and annotations on Brendan Schlagel's Proposal for Near-Future Blogging Megastructures

Chris Aldrich, Brief response to Prompt 3 – Reflection

Chris Aldrich, Thoughts and annotations on CJ Eller's Tinkering

CJ Eller, Loosely Joined

Chris Aldrich, Read “An ongoing conversation” by Colin Walker

HH, Aggregators

Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay, The web’s agricultural revolution

Brendan Schlagel, Beyond Blogging: Sketches for Social Longform Writing

CJ Eller, Keep Rolling

Chris Aldrich, Reply to The Hyperchat Modality by Kicks Condor

Alexis Lloyd, Addressable ideas & the connective tissue of the web