Books on a Lark

I was at a consignment store this weekend with my wife. Expecting to bring back a piece of furniture of substantial size, we decided to bring the truck along. Ironically enough, we didn't need that extra space. All we got was a couple of books.

One book in particular has enraptured me these past couple of days — the second volume to The Myth of the Machine by Lewis Mumford. I've heard of Mumford before through the bibliographies of other books. All I had to go after in the consignment store was the volume's spine, no book jacket explanation. Glancing at the pages peeked my interest. Why not dive into it?

I think it's interesting how some books come to you not on a recommendation but on a lark. You just come across it, have a vague notion of the author, and want to give it a chance. Sometimes that chance is all you need for the book's ideas to take a hold on you.

With only a few chapters into this Mumford book, it feels like it's taking a hold of me already. Hopefully I can elucidate more on some of the book's ideas in upcoming posts.