Deck OS

Recently I picked up a deck of cards. I'm reminded of how versatile it can be.

Just now I am using a Joker ​from the deck as a bookmark.

A memory resurfaces of a favorite donut shop. They use a deck of cards as a way to keep track of orders at a donut shop — you'd hear “3 of Clubs!” coming from the counter as a box of fresh donuts appeared.

And that's ignoring the swath of possibilities that come from card games. The number of games is endless. I learned one couple weeks ago called Donsol, resembling the random romps of rogue-likes — exhilaration & frustration rolled into one.

That's just one game. I have yet to learn Solitaire, let alone other ones obscure and popular alike to be played with friends or alone. The beautiful thing about a deck of cards is that I don't have to download these games or pay for a subscription to access them. I just need to learn the rules (which might be behind a pay all). Once the rules are internalized, you're set.

A deck of cards as an analog game console.