Do Not Publish

Publishing is optional.

The other day I used to draft a cover letter in one sitting. Once finished I transferred the letter to a document. What happened to the text in the editor? I deleted it all.

While clearly intentional, the act surprised me. Never before have I used a CMS in the same way. To write something down in an editor and use elsewhere. Not to publish as a blog post. Not to publish as a status update. Not to keep at all.

As soon as you click send, becomes a publishing tool. Before that? A writing tool.

Every CMS works that way. There is, however, an underlying teleological bent in a CMS. Writing serves the purpose of publishing. The content is meant to be distributed, whether on your blog or your company's site.

So having a platform where the verb can stand on its own without producing a noun is unique.' editor has a life of its own. Separating the connection between writing and publishing, it allows you to focus solely on typing out sentences.

Publishing is optional. What a luxury.