Dying is Normal

I've been enjoying Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice lately. As I found out early on, a major part of the game is sucking at it. You die a lot. But how many times is okay? That's what one redditor asked. The answers to this question are quite encouraging.

What I find fascinating is thinking about these answers in the context of any endeavor that has failure baked in. Which is, to be honest, most things. Playing Sekiro can help one not only accept failure (dying in the game's context) but look at it in a completely different, healthy way. How wonderful that certain games can shape that perspective. It makes me wonder if playing games in my youth helped me develop the tolerance for failure with learning the guitar and programming.

Anyhow, here are a couple answers that I found great:

Dying is completely normal in this franchise. The purpose of these types of games is dying say 10-30 times and then finally beating it for the greatest amount of satisfaction you can get from a video game [...]

Totally normal. Have fun with the combat and look at death as just part of the learning process. Bosses can take hours to overcome.

Otherwise, remember that while the goal of the game can be seen as getting through it while dying as little as possible, dying really is a part of the game. It's going to happen. A lot. On the harder bosses, for many players (including me) possibly dozens of times. When you find a challenging boss, remember that the boss becomes the game. The game is about figuring out to beat the boss. That takes a lot of trial and error. And error usually means dying.