Git it Together

Git is something I haven't worked with much in a work context. That lack of knowledge has led to frustration lately and I'm hoping to change that.

I discovered this great post/talk from Rake Routes called Deliberate Git. Here's a great excerpt about the power of using Git responsibly:

Many teams see Git as a source of frustration. A painful reminder that the rubber needs to meet the road in order to make ends meet and keep our customers happy. They see Git as just a mechanism to transport the code from development machines to production servers and keep everyone in sync.

But I want Git to do more. Being distributed means Git gives us the opportunity to do something really amazing. It allows us to make quick commits locally without breaking flow and then allows us to rewrite those commits into a cohesive story that we share with our team.

If you focus on putting more information into your repo now, you can see amazing returns when you have questions later.