Grilling Work Away

I've been continuing to mull over slippers as portals — that objects can transport you to a different dimension of being, particularly the dimensions of work and home life. This thinking has extended to that oh so permeable boundary that is the end of the work day. How do you draw that line in the sand? It's so easy to check an email here, write code there. A work day can never end.

But maybe that's where you need a ritual that breaks you out of that pattern. I just finished grilling chicken for dinner. Making food takes me to a primordial caveman place — fire, vegetables, meat, seasoning, providing for family. Slack fades into the ether. I don't care about work anymore. I am in my cave with my kin.

Maybe those are the kind of rituals that can help us draw a line in the sand — ones that bring us back to ourselves on a different plane than even work offers. Physical, analog, emotional, familial.