Issue as Post

I'm continuing to experiment with Github Actions. This time I created a repo that publishes the contents of an issue that is raised on this repo. At the moment it takes the body of an issue and publishes it on this test blog. Since the lingua franca for Github & is Markdown, the styling should carry over. Feel free to open an issue, wait a moment for the Github runner to execute the publishing job, and see the contents of your issue published on the blog.

It's fun to tinker with the possibilities of this. This workflow could create a sort of comment section run entirely on Github issues (like Utterances) but that lives in a separate blog. I never thought about a comment section being a blog on its own, a chorus of letters to the editor contained in a single space, removed from the blog itself. This trial gave way to such an idea.

These weird edges around Github Actions interest me as much as the practical CI/CD side.