Letters to the Editor with Submit.as

I want to take another crack at letters to the editor for my blog – an alternative to frictionless commenting systems.

To do this, I will be using Submit.as for submission management. It allows for people to type in a name and email, draft a letter in the Write.as editor, and publish. Once I receive the post, I can review the submission and publish it to my blog as a letter to the editor with a response, or get back to the individual with an email.

That flexibility to make the conversation public or private is what interests me about a letter to the editor. A letter is long form, private correspondence. When addressed to the editor, however, it can be responded to and published in public. But at its core the exchange is between two people first and can be left that way.

My hope is that such a system will beget real engagement here. It does not have to scale. It just has to matter.

Drop me a line if you'd like.