Making CSS Autobiographical

I have been monitoring a crack in my classical guitar for sometime now. Humidity caused a split to form near the sound hole. The crack was too thin to fix at the time. A couple months later and the crack slivered its way to the bottom of the guitar. What to do?

I picked up some wood glue and a bar clamp, adding glue into the crack and gently clamping down on the guitar to help seal the crack. It did the trick. The glue left behind a burnt orange color down the crack, creating an eye-striking contrast to the warmth of the European spruce. I've become more and more bewitched by that color contrast.

This led me to add styling to my blog that reflects these colors — background as the color of my aged spruce guitar with links and


representing the sealed burnt orange crack.

It's been a shift from having styling on my blog that was more of, how should I put this, an aesthetic decision. If you asked me what past color choices on my blog meant to me, I couldn't tell you. They were removed from any personal experience. These colors? They feel like more of a representation of who I am. I can tell a story about these colors. They are a reflection of myself on the web.

And isn't that what we're all trying to get at in one form or another? How do we make CSS (and HTML and programming as a whole) more autobiographical?