Microdosing Posts

But still I wonder about how to cultivate a sense of continuous partial wonder such that it is more likely that something in the everyday will catch you, just every so often. Perhaps that is one of the functions of keeping an observational diary, or of prayer.

Perhaps it could be a pill. Microdosing cathedrals.

This bit from a blog post by Matt Webb gets me thinking about how a blog acts as a way to cultivate a sense of continuous partial wonder.

Personally, I've found this heightened with a Monday through Friday publishing routine. That schedule makes me extend my field of view rather than retract. What does that mean? Before, I thought that my blog needed to be centered around software and “tools for thought.” That led to sitting on work, not publishing much if anything at all. Now it's anything but.

That change, however, has made me more aware of my every day. It could be what I read or what I experience at work or conversations I have or pieces I play on my guitar or code I cobble together. All of these can provoke the partial wonder Matt Webb is referring to. That partial wonder can then be distilled into a blog post.

Perhaps it could be a blog. Microdosing posts.