Ripe Banana Book

I have a bad habit of throwing away ripe bananas. Every time I say I'll make some banana bread with them but never do. In the trash they go. This time, however, was different. I took the ripe banana we had lying around and made banana bread with a recipe that uses leftover pancake mix. Not too bad. Even if the bread tasted worse than it does, there's still that good feeling of finding use in something you're inclined to throw away.

That line of thought made me think about an old 2010 Macbook Pro I have collecting dust in storage. Sooner or later it too will go in the trash. Why not repurpose the laptop? Why not try to install some flavor of Linux on the thing? It's worth trying. The worse thing to happen is that installing Linux doesn't work. Well, there is something that might prove installing Linux on the Macbook a tad difficult — the USB ports are trashed. How? The story actually brings this whole post together...

One morning I packed my lunch in my backpack. I then proceeded to put my laptop in there. SQUISH! What was that? Pulled out my laptop to see that it squished the banana I had packed in laptop. Banana chunks everywhere. Cleaning out the ports was to no avail — USB ports ruined.

But hey, maybe Unetbootin could help.