Slippers as Portals

I start a new job today — one where I work from home. This has gotten me once again to think about strategies to delineate work from home within the home.

One strategy I heard about on the second episode from season 5 of Command Line Heroes podcast. On the podcast, Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson mentioned how an employee has two pairs of slippers — one pair for working and the other for being at home. There's another one from an episode of the podcast Core Intuition that I never would've thought of before — one web browser dedicated for work and another for recreational use.

This pattern of pairing objects, one for work and another for home, fascinates me — it's like imbuing objects with a kind of magic, an ability to act as a portal to another dimension. I hope to try this out with a couple things — laptops, mugs, socks — and see how it helps with delineating work from home within the home.