Snowball Management

My work as a blogger, I explained, is rolling snowballs downhill. Some I create new; others I push along, adding a small measure of mass along the way.

My point: rolling snowballs is way different from building sites and transporting content. Not totally different, perhaps, but enough to fork the Web.

Doc Searls has a point — snowball management is what we do when we write on the web. Which ones do we push along? Which ones do we add a small measure of mass to?

These questions take on a new context in light of platforms where snowballs form at an exponential rate. It is hard to see how they even got cascading downhill to begin with. At best we ask which ones are picking up speed. That way small measures of mass can be directed to snowballs already in motion.

But is this viable? As Bix says of social media, we lose context from such snowball management. The hills are so massive that snowballs hurtle down the hill, often at the harm of those in their path.

Why not focus on smaller hills? On snowballs we where we can see individual contributions to the conversation? Why must we be rolling snowballs downhill to begin with?