Social Hacks

There’s a weird experiment of sorts happening over on which CJ Eller calls “silent mentions”, but I’m not entire sure I get it. As near as I can tell, it’s just people posting to the same hashtag. It might not be a reply, as such, at all? There’s no new functionality here, per se, it doesn’t look like; it seems to be a user-generated social-hack of designating a hashtag on your own post and hoping no one else uses it for anything else?

@bix – the genesis of this is that someone wanted to use hashtags as a way to create conversation between authors on Since hashtags are content addressable on Read, the thought was that you could designate a unique hashtag for others on Read to respond to your posts. That way, when you look at the link of your unique hashtag (like this:, the posts that use it will be there. Sure, there's a definite chance that someone could use your hashtag, but I think that's where prepending it with something like “responseto” comes in to ensure nobody would use it accidentally.

And I completely agree – it's a weird social hack. But sometimes I wonder if platform limitations are where interesting possibilities can emerge. I never would have thought about emoji's as folksonomy until adopted tagmoji's. And why? doesn't support hashtags. But what an interesting alternative that arose from that. So while does not support comments (yet), the environment is ripe for weird social hacks to emerge. It'll be awkward, some of it won't make sense, some of it won't work well at all (lots of failed attempts on this blog), but it's worth the attempt.

@tmo – As far as a response to your #responsemusic (RWa feed) , I've been enjoying the latest two albums from The Bad Plus – a prog-jazz trio. This tune is one of my favorites.

Respones welcome on Read using #ResponseToCJ