Have you ever abandoned a habit that you cultivated for a long time?

For me it's music. I played guitar for years, went to school for it, played in bands, and saw myself taking up the life of a professional musician and music teacher. Just when I entered a PhD program for classical guitar, the path soured for me. That decision turned me away from playing the guitar as often as I did.

Now I find myself on the other end of the spectrum. Interacting on the web is all well and good, but I yearn for an analog interface to balance out the digital. Guitar gives me that reprieve to express myself without having to hit “Publish.” You pluck the string and the sound decays — how novel compared to words that seem to stick long after you publish them. (what would a blog post that decayed like a plucked note look like?)

There are some cases where the sound sticks. I recorded a bit of a piece I've been learning from Baroque lutenist/composer Silvius Leopold Weiss, a contemporary of J.S. Bach. Allegedly the two jammed frequently, improvising fugues together — the prospect of which is beyond me.