Starting Over

When you start a piece of music over, you start from the beginning. When you start a novel over, you start from the beginning. Those beginning notes or sequence of sentences are the same you experienced the first time.

But a blog is neither novel nor symphony. When you start a blog over, the beginning posts might not be the same you experienced the first time. The author could decide to remove a swath of posts, breaking links with abandon.

That is what I have decided to do here.

The psychic weight of both not writing and the accumulated writing here ate at me for a long time. Only recently did I decide that the solution to this problem would be to delete all of the posts and start over.

“Delete” might be too strong of wording though. I exported the previous posts to a folder of text files. My hope is that these posts will act more like compost than an archive. Maybe the ideas within them will surface, maybe they won't. But compost takes time.

Besides, there are new ideas to pursue. When I started this blog here, I was just getting into an entry level IT job from a life of studying & performing music (stopped at a Masters degree in Classical Guitar). Now I have a couple years in software and wish to move towards a more technical path, something involved with Cloud, DevOps, & Security. That doesn't mean this blog will just into a hopelessly dry deluge of how-to guides. Rather, I want where I was, where I am, and where I am going to be reflected in my writing.

The best way for me to do that is starting over.