Sun Sync

This post goes out at 6:00pm. Where is the Sun in relation to where I am at that time? How does the Sun hit my home then? What shadows does the sun cast on the grass? It pains me to not know the answers to these seemingly simple questions; a pain that comes from being locked into digital time while analog time hums in the background. The sun's movements are like a television I leave on while I go about my day. Leaves me feeling out of sync with the world around me, more than I care to admit.

Be more mindful of the Sun. It sounds like a simple thing, but even the little observing I've done makes me realize how much there is to learn about how out of sync I've been. Only a month ago I learned where the Sun rose East in relation to our home. To figure that out just now — that feels embarrassing as a human being living on Earth. I want to be less embarrassed and more mindful.

Here's to getting in sync with the sun.