The Thin Line

I got into a car accident today. Nobody got injured thankfully. How thin the line between cars, between potential collisions.

Handling the insurance claim for the accident? All virtual. Even the phone number led me to an automatic responder which led me to a hyperlink. Another thin line of infrastructure that allows me to swiftly carry out life altering activities while on the thin line of Ethernet that is hosted in data centers, all with thin lines jutting out between the servers housed therein.

The night before, I read a startling fact about our stomachs from Bill Bryson's The Body:

A natural question is, Why don't all our ferocious digestive juices eaat through our own gut lining? The answer is that the alimentary canal is lined with a single layer of protective cells called the epithelium. These vigilant cells, and the gooey mucus they produce, are all that stand between you and digesting your own flesh. If that tissue is breached and the gut contents get into another part of the body, death without immediate medical treatment inevitably follows. Yet this only rarely happens.

A thin line preventing us from eating ourselves. I'm starting to realize how that can be said for many things.