Tiny Miracles

It's a tiny miracle when you find someone who has solved the same problem you're currently having. What's more is when the same person generously puts that knowledge out there for anyone to access at any time.

I had difficulties adding multiple ingress rules to a security group within an AWS CloudFormation template. Each attempt would trip an error. A rather esoteric question I thought. Within my first search I came across Leah Erb's blog post outlining the same problem I was running into. Further, Leah even shows how she thought multiple ingress rules work, bearing an uncanny resemblance to my own attempts.

Not only did I leave with a solution, but with a rekindled sense of optimism. Someone decided to share their own solution to a problem. There's a chance that Leah might not have shared it, but she decided to hit publish anyway. I am better because of that generosity and the generosity of many others who decide to contribute. Many tiny miracles that, intertwined, make up the web.

The conclusion from a recent Jon Udell blog post says it all:

Yes, there’s a dark side to our connected world, darker than I was once willing to imagine. But there is also so much light. It’s always helpful to consider deep geological time. [ ... ] We’ve only been connected like this for 25 years. Maybe we’ll figure it out. For today, at least, I choose to believe that we will.