Web page for One

Instead of getting a Mother's Day card this year, I find myself hacking together a single web page to commemorate my mother.

While circumstance has brought this about, there's an odd feeling of why I hadn't thought about doing this before. Maybe I predominantly think of publishing on the web as a public affair. But now I am crafting a simple webpage that only one other person will see. Not by accident, but by design.

And yet I find this pattern elsewhere in my digital life — writing “blog” posts for only one person (via anonymous posts). Sometimes these posts are detailed help for a Write.as user that includes code blocks. Other times they are personal messages that won't fit in a Twitter DM.

We talk about direct messages as being a crucial part of social media, but I wonder if the same could be said of websites & blog posts. I wonder if blurring that line between public & private more explicitly can make writing HTML & blogging carry the same intimacy as writing a letter.