Working with your Tools

There's this part from a recent episode of Screaming in the Cloud where guest Nora Jones (founder and CEO at Jeli) makes an Intriguing remark about software tools:

But I think the tools that work the best are the ones that you treat like a member of your team, almost.

It's not something that's doing something for you, it's something that you're working with to achieve the best outcome. And they're still putting something on the table.

Intriguing for me because I am playing around with such a tool when it comes to my publishing workflow. The AWS Lambda function I've set up publishes my most recent draft on a regular weekly cadence.

This might not sound like much, but it requires a lot of give & take on my part to schedule writing to hit that mark. The function acts like an overbearing editor on a news team who is always pushes their writers to make the deadline.

And that's where it feels like I am working with the function rather than it just mindlessly doing something for me. There's this give and take which Nora Jones mentions that I can relate to. I wonder if there's more I can do to make the function more of a member on my team.